Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hi Everyone!

Happy New Year:-)  Long time, I know... it's hard to blog when you're also editing (Book Two, The Key to Tartarus) and starting to conjure a new novel.  But here I am, in 2013, excited to let you know what's been going on with Pandora's Key, The Key to Tartarus, and to thank all of you for your support:-)  And I don't thank you lightly - you guys make writing so much fun and incredibly rewarding.

December and January were fantastic months for Pandora's Key!  On Kindle alone PK sold over 1200 ebooks in December and reached #5 in its category of Fiction/Fantasy/Contemporary and #601 overall for ALL Kindle books on Amazon!!  As Pandora's Key started out #330,000+ for Kindle ranking we've come a LONG way:-)

This month, Pandora's Key is already having terrific ebook sales - YAY!  As an author, that's so incredibly exciting because I'm writing stories that I hope readers will enjoy and it looks like people are really enjoying Pandora's Key:-)

On another front, one of the biggest changes for me is that I'm now represented by an amazing agent named Fiona Kenshole.  To have a partner in this process has been one of the greatest gifts of my year.  Fiona is incredibly smart, savvy and supportive and I truly believe that she will help me bring The Key Trilogy to an even larger audience and that her editing expertise will make each successive book better.

And that's my biggest goal of 2013 - to blow all of you away with Book Two of The Key Trilogy, The Key to Tartarus!

I have a few other goals, too.  One is to say three genuine, nice things to different people every day.  There are so many negative, sad, and scary things happening in the world.  I can support legislation by our government to try to make a difference in things like health care and gun control, but on a much smaller level I can also try to brighten a person's day.  Another goal is to figure out a way to use my book sales to help support causes I really believe in:-)  And finally, I'm hoping to do more Skype in the Classroom calls as it's so much fun to meet my readers, answers questions about the trilogy and give away little secrets from the next book.

So here's to a new year filled with adventure, excitement, fulfilment and fun for all of us:-)  Wishing you a fantastic 2013!!!!!


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  1. Hi! I can't wait for your second book. I thought the first Pandora's Key book was a great one. I recommend it to all of my friends who want a good read, with a little more substance.

    Wishing you continued success,