Monday, June 4, 2012


Hi Everyone,

So guess what?!  Yesterday Pandora's Key won first place in the IndieReader Discovery Awards (IRDA) for YA Fiction!!!  The winners were announced live at the Book Expo of America (BEA).  Seriously - PK WON!!

I want to thank the IndieReader panel for all the time they spent reading and reviewing submissions for the IRDA's.  Your work in support of Indie Authors is really important and much appreciated.  I also want to thank all the readers, reviewers, and bloggers who have supported Pandora's Key.  Without you, it would be super hard (if not impossible) to garner attention for independent authors and their work.  You guys are AWESOME!

But here's the thing I most want to say...  When you're an indie author it is incredibly... quiet.  Other than the phone ringing, the dog barking, or conversations with my husband, there's not a lot of interaction.  I write this blog when I'm not working on a book.  And I message my Goodreads and Amazon buddies (without them I'd feel very isolated).  But it's quiet because writing, in general, is a solitary profession.

When you don't have a traditional publishing house behind you, or a marketing team and PR specialists to chat with, it's just you, your ideas, and the tap-tap-tap of the keyboard.  And a lot of times that's AOK with me:-)  But once in a while, especially after a negative review (and just like every author I get those... that's why ice cream comes in so many flavors, right?), I crave some sort of independent validation of my writing.

And that's what awards provide an author.  A panel of professionals with amazing credentials, who don't know me, decided that Pandora's Key is a great book.  I can't possibly express how much that means!  For my fellow indie authors - I get it, and I'm hoping that today you receive an amazing review from a terrific, impressive blogger, or reviewer, or that you win a contest that makes your day:-)


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