Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hi Everyone!

Just a quick note to my fellow authors...

You can't please everyone, okay?  I mean, you do your best, right?  You spend hours, days, months, years writing a novel with the best of intentions: to write something that entertains, matters on different levels to different people, is exciting, fun, sweet, dramatic, powerful, unique...  you get it, I know.

So here's what I think. Revel in the people who get what you're trying to do.  Learn from the people who don't - if they make sense.  If not, then learn the most important thing... you can't please everyone... so make yourself proud:-)

I've been thrilled with most of the reviews I've gotten for Pandora's Key.  Kirkus loved it, Publishers Weekly did, too.  Better yet, Danna, Taylor, Anna, Kay, Sandra, Glenda, Jack... they loved the story.  They were caught up, surprised, and sometimes ever transported.  And the few readers that weren't?  That wished they hadn't spent 99 cents?  That's why they make chocolate and vanilla.  And sometimes people pick flavors that don't suit them.  I've done it many times!  And it's okay.

Authors, embrace your fans, learn from them just like you learn from the people who didn't enjoy your story.  Take it all personally and try to be better because then, no matter what, you will be:-)


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  1. Well said! Often I will read the back of a book and think it sounds like a great book. Once into the book I may find I just can't get into it. That is not a reason to be critical of the author or the book. I made a choice to read the book so I can make a choice to put it down. Enough Said!