Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hi Everyone,

First, a HUGE thanks for both reading Pandora's Key and telling your family and friends about it!  Together we've sold more than 500 ereader versions of PK this month alone.  That's so cool - especially considering that there's no big marketing or PR campaign to help with sales.  Just you guys!!!!

Second, if you haven't checked out Ellen Degeneris' "reading" of Fifty Shades of Gray, sent to me by my Goodreads friend, Maghon, then click this link:  It's hysterical!

Third, if you weren't sure why I wrote the last blog, here's a simple clarification. I've seen authors get really upset by unkind reviews.  And I've seen readers get really upset when they feel ripped off by their book choice.  I'm just saying that it's all okay - authors and readers can learn from every situation and make better choices next time. Start with the assumption that no one is trying to be a jerk and everything after that will fall into place:-)

Fourth, check out RadioActive Bookworm's: The Young Adult Challenge Group on  Her site is devoted to reading and talking about YA books and her first giveaway is Pandora's Key!  I'll be doing a Q&A with readers at the end of May:-)  So if you want to join a super cool group and potentially win a free copy of PK, go to:    and join!

And finally, I hope everyone had a lovely Sunday.  Henry and I went to the park with Boone (our Vizsla), met some friends and their kids and enjoyed the sunshine.  Lucky girl, lucky dog, fabulous friends, great guy:-)  Yay!


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