Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Day

2012!!!  New Year!  New opportunities for PANDORA'S KEY, THE KEY TO TARTARUS, and Book III of The Key Trilogy...  I'm starting to conjure that story in the back of my mind:-)

Here's hoping all of you have a healthy, happy, wildly fun and fantastic 2012.  And that you write your own amazing life stories!

Any plans?  Tell me about them!  Any ideas about what you want to see Evangeline do next?  I'm all ears!

As for me, I hope to listen more and talk less; to be a really good friend; to make every adventure with my husband a memorable, amazing experience; to love my dog even when he's vorpal; and to knock the ball out of the park with PANDORA'S KEY and THE KEY TO TARTARUS because all of you DESERVE the best books I can write:-)

Happy, happy New Year.  Make it a great one;-)


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