Monday, January 2, 2012


I don't know if I can even convey how excited I am that so many teachers and librarians are requesting copies of PANDORA'S KEY!!  Every note I receive is so genuine and positive and it makes me remember all the great people who motivated me to read and turned me into a lifelong reader.

First, my parents.  They'd read a chapter from a Dickens novel after dinner.  Every chapter was a cliffhanger and my sister and I hated it when our dad closed the book.  Eventually we began to climb the bookcase and read ahead.  We were hooked.

Second, Mr. Clement, my sixth grade my teacher.  He held a contest and the two people who read the most books in one month won.  Alexis Cundy and I won and were treated to an Italian dinner by our teacher.  I remember feeling so grown up, sitting in a restaurant that was the equivalent of The Olive Garden.  But it wasn't about the prize.  Once I began reading voraciously, I couldn't stop.  And finding a book that I literally could lose myself in; a book that I didn't want to end; a story that hooked my imagination... it was everything.

Third, all those authors out there who put in the time to create great novels.  Who endured endless rejection, because that's how it goes, before somehow getting their books into print.  Its their willingness to sit in front of a computer for hours on end, and then do it again and again, and again during the editing process, that inspired me.  It's their unique voices and stories that made me want to be an author.

And now I get a chance to pay it forward.  In PANDORA'S KEY, I hope I've created a book that kids won't want to put down.  I hope that the story will create more lifelong readers.  I hope that with each book in The Key Trilogy my readers will love Evangeline more and more and lose themselves in her incredible journey.

Thanks for reading...

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