Saturday, January 7, 2012

Books and Movies

Do any of you get nervous to see a movie made from your favorite book?

I loved The Hunger Games.  Really, I loved all three books in the trilogy.  I just listened to Taylor Swift's song for The Hunger Games movie and it made me hopeful...  something about the mood it conveyed made me think that maybe, just maybe, the movie will capture the sadness, darkness and bittersweet longing I was left feeling after reading the series.

Of course I'd love to have a movie made from PANDORA'S KEY.  And I'm wondering, for those of you who have read the story, and for those of you who are in the midst of it, can you imagine Evangeline, Olivia, Raphe, Melia, Malledy and Tim in a movie?  What actors would you cast?

Just wondering....


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