Sunday, December 18, 2011


Writing is rewriting.  And rewriting is rewriting.  As soon as you think you've nailed a story, you get an idea, like a finger scratching a hard to reach place in the back of your mind.  You try to ignore it because, well, you've spent a whole load of time writing and the story has been conceived, plotted, written, edited, and why would you want to tear it apart again because there's a life out there to live, right?

There are a few reasons.  First that little finger scratching eventually becomes a nail on a chalkboard - it can't be ignored.  Second, people are counting on you to write something really good.  Third, it would be embarrassing and kind of devastating to fall short of what you believe your story could be...

All of this means that THE KEY TO TARTARUS was done!  Ready to go to my fabulous editor to be critiqued and torn apart so I could labor to rework it into something even better (nothing personal, that's just the job).  And then that darn finger started scratching and I opened myself up to the possibilities...

Writing is rewriting.

Hope everyone's Christmas shopping is fun, not laborious.  Hope you've bought someone special PANDORA'S KEY as a stocking stuffer.  Hope you choose to eat only those desserts that are insanely great and not waste calories on crappy stuff because that just makes for a cliched New Year's resolution.

Write on...

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