Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lucky dog, lucky girl

So Boone is feeling better:-)  He's not 100 percent, but his butt is once again waggling and that makes me happy.  What makes me even happier, though, is that right now my husband is making me dinner!  Henry makes an incredible spinach and asiago cheese risotto.  So I'm a lucky girl, with a lucky dog, too.

And on top of everything, Henry has cleared his schedule so he can read my first draft of The Key to Tartarus.  He's a great reader and super honest.  It's always a bit nerve-wracking to let go of that first draft because I want it to be perfect.  But today, while I was writing, Evangeline reminded me that we're both works in progress.  That's what makes E's journey so compelling, and I guess that's what makes life compelling, too.  Neither of us is sure what's going to happen next...

On to Chapter Twenty Seven...

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  1. You are a lucky girl with an amazing hubby! FYI Stella finally ripped the fuzzy ball up and gutted it like any good bird dog would.... trying to download Pandora's Key on my iPad to read on my way to Florida. I'm still a "book in hand" kind of reader so this is new to me. ox