Thursday, December 1, 2011


Today is all about Book II of The Key Trilogy.  I'm still editing THE KEY TO TARTARUS because YOU, the reader, deserve a great second book:-)  This is going to be short because Evangeline is in a dire situation and if I don't keep writing then I leave her hanging and I like her too much to do that to her!

On another front my dog, Boone, is under the weather and that's always a huge bummer.  Took him for a hike, which he wasn't that psyched on (that's abnormal), and at the end he started shaking and his little Vizsla tail tucked beneath his legs.

Now Boone has been known to be a huge baby, but he has also been through a lot.  A horribly broken leg at four months that required three months of surgeries to fix (he was hit by a sled going 30mph).  He stepped on a rattlesnake last summer (a baby one, which is worse because it releases all its venom) and ended up in a doggy ICU.  So Boone has gone through some painful, serious stuff!

Boone's had a great and challenging life and sometimes he gets bent about something little, like a bee sting.  Not sure what's up today but I have a blanket warming in the dryer and will put it on him when it's nice and toasty.  Did I mention that Boone is spoiled.  He is, but why get a dog if you can't love (LOVE) him:-)  Anyway, I'll keep you posted as to his health...

Back to Evangeline!

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