Thursday, December 15, 2011


While I'd like to write about PANDORA'S KEY and how it makes a GREAT stocking stuffer, instead I'm going to write about my dog, Boone and how it's amazing Henry and I have kept him alive for three years.

At four months old Boone was hit by a sled... a kid's sled, but it was heavy, metal and ridden by a 140 pound woman who got scared, jumped off, and landed on our puppy.  Three months and two surgeries later, Boone's broken tibia and fibula were thankfully fixed first by a pin from his knee to his foot (which failed) and then by a steel, external fixator with 6 screws into the bone.  Try keeping a Vizsla puppy inactive for three months!!!  Ten minute walks every hour all day!!!!

Last summer Boone stepped on a baby rattlesnake - in early May, in the rain!  He was bitten in the foot.  The thing is, baby rattlesnakes are WORSE than adult rattlesnakes because they have no control over the amount of venom they inject.  They just inject it ALL!

Within two minutes Boone laid down and began to pant and drool.  Henry had to carry him off the hiking trail.  We rushed him to our vet (1/2 hour because we were stuck behind a super slow tracter-trailer) who made him comfortable enough (morphine) to travel to an animal ICU (YES there is such a thing!) where he was given a very slow dose of anti-venom (slow, because the cure can kill an animal).  He was very sick through the night and next morning and then turned the corner.  By the time we picked him up he was wiggling and happy, but his leg was ENORMOUS.

Boone recently celebrated his third birthday.  Whew!  A couple of days ago he had some tiny growths removed from his lower eyelid - very normal for a Vizsla but he had general anesthesia because it was his eyes.  He did great and we took him home (adorably woozy) and put him on a thick blanket on the couch.  He slept for six hours and then got up, suddenly realizing he hadn't eaten all day.

His entire side was wet...

"Wow, he was so warm and cosy that his side is sweaty," I told my husband.

"Huh..." Henry replied, thinking aloud, "I don't think dogs sweat..."

So the couple who has kept their dog alive through multiple surgeries and recoveries and a rattlesnake bite forgot that their super woozy dog might need to pee....  enough said.

The important thing is that we have kept Boone alive;-)  SO HAPPY THIRD BIRTHDAY TO ALL OF US!!!!

And what am I working on?  Book II of The Key Trilogy - THE KEY TO TARTARUS.  It won't be ready for a Christmas stocking stuffer in 2011 but I plan to have it to you in spring of 2012!!

Thanks for reading and give your dog a kiss and scratch for me:-)


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