Thursday, December 8, 2011


A big THANKS to all the booksellers and librarians who have contacted me for copies of PANDORA'S KEY.  As a kid I loved my local bookshop and library.  Every Saturday my mom would take my sister and me to the library to check out our six books and to the local bookstore to buy one special book.  We LOVED to read and when a librarian or bookshop owner had a great suggestion for a book we couldn't put down that made my week.  So thanks for your support!!

On another note, Henry is almost done with THE KEY TO TARTARUS.  It's a good sign that he has been reading late and geting up early to read more:-)  I'm super excited about Book II and while I know that Evangeline is being pushed to her limit, I think she can take it and come out swinging.

Have a great day!!!
p.s. if you've already read PANDORA'S KEY, let me know what you think about the story!

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