Saturday, November 26, 2011

My first blog....

This is my first blog (ever).  So hi, and thanks for reading!!  Please let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to blog about.  And feel free to contact me with questions and comments.

Sooo….  There’s not going to be any specific rhyme or reason to these blogs.  They’re going to be about what I’m thinking or what you’re asking (write me!).  I may share secrets from PANDORA’S KEY or peek in on Evangeline’s journey in Book II, THE KEY TO TARTARUS (not released yet but soon!).  Or I might blog about whether or not I agree with an Xfactor judge (does anyone else love Astro?), or if the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reminds anyone else of a group of junior high school bullies (they do, right?).

For today, I’m wondering what Evangeline would want me to write to the people who are going to read (or have already read) PANDORA'S KEY. 

I think E would want everyone to know that being a teenager is amazing and tough.  Amazing because everything is new and possible.  And tough because after her mom gave her the talisman she lost much of what she loved.  A lot of the time she feels like the Gods are playing a huge joke on her and she’s a punchline.  And deep down, despite who she’s become, she sometimes still feels like a giraffe with frizzy hair and a jack-o-lantern smile; like if people really knew who she was, they’d think she was a huge loser.

Evangeline and I live in two different worlds.  I can tell her story, but I can’t help her live her life.  If I could, I’d tell her about reconnecting with one of the girls in my high school years after I graduated.  That girl, who never had a zit, was prom queen, head cheerleader, and had an amazing (AMAZING) boyfriend, told me that she’d always felt like a fraud.  That she’d constantly worried that her friends would figure out that she wasn’t cool and knock her off her pedestal. 

Everyone, at some point, feels like if people really knew them, then no one would want to be their friend.  I wish I could tell Evangeline that this feeling totally goes away as you grow up.  It kind of does - especially if you choose a safe life where you never take risks or chances or put yourself in the position of being criticized.  But a safe life is pretty boring.  Better to take the leap, regardless of what people think, because there’s no going back once you know who you are, right E?

So here we go Evangeline – you and me.  Two different worlds tied together through a MacBook Pro.  Some people will laugh, some people will read, some people will understand that becoming the hero of your own journey is a universal quest and can will never be a joke to anyone who matters.

Question:  Have you ever put yourself on the line?  How’d you find the courage?  Were you glad you did it?


  1. Your website looks great and I am really looking forward to finding out more about Evangeline and the key!

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